Advanced Medical Treatments for Asthma

Dr. Applebaum also helps adults and children with asthma, a frightening condition that can make breathing difficult and leave adults and children gasping for air. As you might imagine, asthma medications play an important role in managing symptoms like coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.
Dr. Applebaum will consider your age, symptoms, severity, and medication side effects before choosing the right type and dose of medication for your needs. Asthma can also change over time. That’s why you should work closely with Dr. Applebaum to track symptoms and adjust your asthma medications as necessary.

Asthma medications

There are long-term asthma control medications that require regular use to prevent a decline in lung function. Such medications include inhaled corticosteroids, bronchodilators and leukotriene inhibitors. There are also short-acting, quick-relief rescue medications for treating acute asthma attacks. However, the excessive use of rescue medications can result in the loss of effectiveness and worsening asthma over time. Dr. Applebaum will recommend which ones are right for you or your child.
For the vast majority of individuals with Asthma, it is a common manifestation of those allergic sensitivities. Although there is common misconception that asthma is a condition that is treatable only with the regular use of medications, individuals with allergic asthma have other and better long-term treatment options available to them.

An arm holding an anti-asthma oral spray cannister